registration terms

Participation in events is open to all athletes under 18 years of age (born in 2002 or later) with a valid license;

Registration closes on May 24th 2019 23:59 hours;

The participation fee must be paid directly at  registration. The registration is only complete after receiving the payment;

Payment completion is a prerequisite for being included in the screening procedure;

In case of withdrawal, the registration fee will not be refunded;

Stand-by athletes who are not admitted into the competition will get their registration fee refunded  

Athletes are allowed to register with an indoor and/or outdoor performance;

The registered best performance must have been achieved between January 1st 2018 and May 24th 2019;

Registration of best performances achieved with inadmissible wind advantage (> + 2.0 m/sec) or where there was no wind measurement in case of outdoor performances, are not accepted;

At distances up to 800m best performances will only be accepted if measured electronically;

Registered performances shall be achieved in accordance with the category (U18) regulations relating to weights, hurdles and distances.